About the Company OK2GO

About the Company OK2GO

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About OK2GO

Our Mission

OK2GO provides cutting-edge cloud solutions for workforce management and time attendance from any device  / Our mission is to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability for organizations and municipalities through innovative technology and customized solutions.

Who We Are

Founded in 2003, OK2GO has grown into a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management

 systems. With a team of 35 dedicated employees, we have been at the forefront of developing solutions location based  in real time that streamline attendance reporting, task management, .and employee tracking for both field and office staff

Our Solutions

Time attendance and advance  App to report  + Workforce Management

Attendance Reports: Accurate and real-time reporting of employee attendance.

Task and Project Management: Tools to manage and monitor tasks and projects efficiently.

Employee Tracking: Comprehensive tracking of employees' locations and activities.

Manager's Application: Mobile solutions for managers to oversee operations remotely.

Labor Law Compliance: Alerts and features to ensure adherence to labor laws.

Our systems are designed to adapt to the unique needs of any organization, providing tailored solutions that enhance productivity and transparency. 

We serve a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, across various sectors including high-tech, construction, security, food, and government institutions.

Clean Cities Initiative- CLEAN2GO

In 2019, we expanded our expertise into urban cleanliness with the launch of CLEAN2GO. This initiative aims to "Make Clean Cities Smarter" by integrating advanced AI-driven technologies into waste management and recycling.

Smart Waste Management: AI-powered solutions for efficient garbage collection and recycling.

Central Control System: A unified platform for managing all cleaning and waste collection activities.

Cost-Effective Operations: Streamlined processes that reduce operational costs and improve service quality.

Our Impact

Client Base: We proudly serve thousands of Israeli companies, with over 150,000 subscribers using our systems daily.

Municipal Collaborations: Partnering with all municipalities in Israel, we provide a variety of services that enhance urban management and resident satisfaction.

Global Expansion: Currently expanding our operations internationally, we are establishing a presence in multiple countries to bring our innovative solutions to a global market.

Strategic Partnerships

OK2GO collaborates with leading mobile service providers and technology companies, including Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, 012, HOT Mobile, ITURAN, OKETZ, Biocom, Motorola, and Mashcal 

These partnerships enable us to offer comprehensive and reliable solutions across various industries.

We are seeking for distributors partner in different countries to our service  .

Customer Service

Our customer service is available to provide professional support with high availability via phone and email. We are committed to addressing every request and query promptly and effectively.


Innovation and Our cloud-based system offers a variety of exclusive and innovative features at competitive prices:

Automated Reporting: Scheduled reports that provide a comprehensive overview of business activities.

Geofencing: Enforcement of working areas to ensure employees are where they need to be.

Integrated Systems: Seamless integration of all reporting sources into a single, coherent system for easy monitoring and management.

Contact Us

For more information about our services or to get involved, please visit our website a or contact us at

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